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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2005

Structure of allelic variants of subtype 5 of histone H1 in pea Pisum sativum L

Bogdanova VS, Lester DR, Berdnikov VA, Andersson I


The pea genome contains seven histone H1 genes encoding different subtypes. Previously, the DNA sequence of only one gene, His1, coding for the subtype H1-1, had been identified. We isolated a histone H1 allele from a pea genomic DNA library. Data from the electrophoretic mobility of the pea H1 subtypes and their N-bromosuccinimide cleavage products indicated that the newly isolated gene corresponded to the H1-5 subtype encoded by His5. We confirmed this result by sequencing the gene from three pea lines with H1-5 allelic variants of altered electrophoretic mobility. The allele of the slow H1-5 variant differed from the standard allele by a nucleotide substitution that caused the replacement of the positively charged lysine with asparagine in the DNA-interacting domain of the histone molecule. A temperature-related occurrence had previously been demonstrated for this H1-5 variant in a study on a worldwide collection of pea germplasm. The variant tended to occur at higher frequencies in geographic regions with a cold climate. The fast allelic variant of H1-5 displayed a deletion resulting in the loss of a duplicated pentapeptide in the C-terminal domain

Published in

2005, Volume: 94, number: 6, pages: 582-588

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    • Andersson, Inger

      • Department of Molecular Biology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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    Environmental Sciences related to Agriculture and Land-use
    Agricultural Science
    Forest Science

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