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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2009

Downy mildew resistance in opium poppy: resistance sources, inheritance pattern, selection parameters, variability and association studies for resistance and yield contributing traits

Dubey, Mukesh K.; Dhawan, Om P.; Khanuja, Suman P. S.


Downy mildew (DM) caused by Peronospora arborescens is the most destructive disease of opium poppy which assumes considerable importance in India and other poppy growing countries. The present study was aimed at identification and evaluation of stable resistance sources of DM in opium poppy. Furthermore, genetic variability and inheritance pattern of DM resistance has also been studied which can help in making strategy for crop improvement. Evaluation of 35 selected germplasm accessions of opium poppy under glasshouse and field conditions during the three consecutive years (2004-2005 to 2006-2007) resulted in identification of two genotypes (I-14 and Pps-1) as highly resistant and stable sources for DM resistance. Genetic studies of DM resistance revealed polygenic control with the dominance of susceptibility over resistance. Significant reciprocal differences were found largely due to maternal transmission of DM resistance indicating the involvement of cytoplasmic genes in addition to nuclear control. Analysis of genetic variability and selection parameters indicated predominance of additive effects for DM resistance and other yield contributing traits. Multivariate analysis resulted in classification of 35 selected accessions into 11 different clusters revealing very high level of diversity among the genotypes. Cluster analysis suggested that hybridization program involving genotypes from cluster V (which included highly resistant genotypes Pps-1 and I-14) and cluster IX (which included highly susceptible Jawahar-16 having good economically important traits like seed yield) could be expected to give best recombinants for improvement in terms of DM resistance and high seed and straw yield in opium poppy. Analysis of selection parameters like heritability and genetic advance also suggested that simple selection methods will be effective in stabilizing resistance traits following hybridization with high yielding genotypes.


Opium poppy; Downy mildew; Disease resistance; Maternal inheritance; Multivariate analysis

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2009, Volume: 165, number: 1, pages: 177-188

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    Agricultural Science

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