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Review article - Peer-reviewed, 2013

Field Approaches to Measure Hg Exchange Between Natural Surfaces and the Atmosphere—A Review

Sommar, Jonas; Zhu, Wei; Lin, Che-Jen; Feng, Xinbin


This review focuses on a vital part of Hg (Hg) atmosphere-natural surface exchange field observational studies, namely the theory, applications, strengths, and limitations of the various experimental methodologies applied to gauge the flux process. We present an in-depth review, a comprehensive literature synthesis, and methodological and instrumentation advances for terrestrial and marine Hg flux studies in recent years. In particular, we outline the theory of a wide range of measurement techniques and detail the operational protocols.


air-water exchange; flux footprint; flux measurement tools; gaseous elemental mercury; mercury; micro-meteorological techniques; terrestrial ecosystems

Published in

Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology
2013, Volume: 43, number: 15, pages: 1657-1739

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    Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences

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