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Other publication, 2006

The Machine Operator Current Opinions and the Future Demands on Technical Ergonomics in Forest Machines

Walker Mike, Tobisch Rolf, Weise Günther, Gellerstedt Sten
Gellerstedt, Sten (ed.)


This report present results from 113 interviews, 300 returned questionnaires and 10 seminars about the technical ergonomics in forest machines. The report presents a lot of details useful for the manufacturer. The report is also a base for the development of the European Ergonomic Guidelines for Forest Machines. Operators are content with many of the ergonomic issues of their machine. However, most operators are discontented with maintenance, and to a some extent with cab access, information and vibration. Forwarder operators are explicitly discontented with noise, climate control and with instructions and training. Harvester operators are dissatisfied with the cabin, seat and external lighting. Examples of solutions easy to introduce are lamps giving white light, self-cleaning steps and storage space for personal belongings. The possibility to stretch out the legs in the cab is desired. A self levelling of the cab and is seen as a useful in the harvester , as well as a non touch measurement of the log and an anti-slip function when feeding the log through the harvester head. A stability system for faster driving is desired by many operators. Surprisingly many, 35 – 40%, are positive to an automatic boom-tip control and functions following that development. A fit-in function controlling the gripping of the stem is desired by 39% of the harvester operators

Published in

Uppsats (SLU, Institutionen för skogens produkter och marknader)
2006, number: 4
Publisher: SPM/SLU

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    • Gellerstedt, Sten

      • Department of Forest Products, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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    Forest Science

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