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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2016

The farmer as a landscape steward: Comparing local understandings of landscape stewardship, landscape values, and land management actions.

Raymond, C


We develop a landscape stewardship classification which distinguishes between farmers' understanding of landscape stewardship, their landscape values, and land management actions. Forty semi-structured interviews were conducted with small-holder ({ extless}5 acres), medium-holders (5-100 acres), and large-holders ({ extgreater}100 acres) in South-West Devon, UK. Thematic analysis revealed four types of stewardship understandings: (1) an environmental frame which emphasized the farmers' role in conserving or restoring wildlife; (2) a primary production frame which emphasized the farmers' role in taking care of primary production assets; (3) a holistic frame focusing on farmers' role as a conservationist, primary producer, and manager of a range of landscape values, and; (4) an instrumental frame focusing on the financial benefits associated with compliance with agri-environmental schemes. We compare the landscape values and land management actions that emerged across stewardship types, and discuss the global implications of the landscape stewardship classification for the engagement of farmers in landscape management.


Conservation behavior,Environmental management,Pro-environmental behavior,Production behavior,Social values

Published in

2016, Volume: 45, number: 2, pages: 173--184
Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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    Biological Systematics

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