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Al, asp och björk i barrskog : skötselråd för alla beståndsdelar

Johansson, Tord; Lundh, Jan-Erik


This report is a guide in management of conifer stands mixed with broadleaves of different numbers. Examples of practical management clear cut areas with and without broadleaves are given. The rotatation of a forest stand is followed and in some periods of the management practical recommendations are given. Management of pure broadleaved stands is also discussed. As a general the given recommendations are based on conditions in Swedish forestry with the most common tree species. The pulp and timber market are based on Swedish conditions


Pubescent birch; silver birch; European aspen; common alder; grey alder; management; sprouting; suckering; cleaning; thinning; clear cutting;

Published in

Rapport - Institutionen för bioenergi
2006, number: 12
Publisher: Institutionen för bioenergi, SLU