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Conference paper, 2012

Generationsöverföring inom samiska renskötselföretag i Sverige från ca 1930 till nutid – en projektbeskrivning

Päiviö Sjaunja, Eva-Lotta


The proposed postdoctoral project aims at investigating the continuity and dynamics of generational change in Sami reindeer herding enterprises in Sweden from about 1930 until the present day. Almost all reindeer herders are children and/or grandchildren to active or retired reindeer herders. This circumstance is the starting point of the proposed postdoctoral project. The aim is however not to explain this phenomenon but rather to place the interrelationships within the Sami reindeer herding enterprise in focus. Semi-structured deep interviews will be the main method to find out how the meeting between reindeer herding, family and individual takes form. The purpose is to understand which individual strategies and decisions shape the pattern of succession within reindeer herding enterprises. Different forms of generational transfer have developed over long times which calls for historical analysis. The aim of the historical analysisis to increase knowledge on how changes in mental, social, institutional and technical conditions during the 20th century relate to strategies for generational change. The project will also include a discussion on gender aspects of alternation of generations especially to shed light on what happens with the reindeer herding tradition in families that have only daughters.

Published in

CBM:s skriftserie
2012, number: 55, pages: 47-50
Book title: Uppsala mitt i Sápmi: Rapport från ett symposium arrangerat av Föreningen för samiskrelaterad forskning i Uppsala, Upplandsmuseet 4-5 maj 2011
Publisher: Naptek; Uppsam; Centrum för biologisk mångfald, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet


Symposium arrangerat av Föreningen för samiskrelaterad forskning i Uppsala, Upplandsmuseet 4-5 maj 2011

    UKÄ Subject classification

    Economic History

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