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Research article1992Peer reviewed

Intravenous and Intraruminal Administration of Short Chain Fatty Acids Increase the Potential Difference Across the Sheep Rumen Epithelium

Holtenius, Kjell


The effect of intraruminal loads of a propionate/butyrate mixture and of intravenous administration of butyrate on the potential difference across the rumen epithelium (PD)-was studied in conscious sheep. The PD was elevated during the measurement period 5 to 15 minutes after intraruminal loading. with a propionate/butyrate mixture.Intravenously injected butyrate caused a prompt transitory increase in PD. The results show that both intraruminal and intravenous administration of certain short chain fatty acids stimulated the PD indicating altered ion transport properties across the rumen epithelium.

Published in

Journal of veterinary medicine. Series A
1992, Volume: 39, number: 5, pages: 396-400 Publisher: BLACKWELL WISSENSCHAFTS-VERLAG GMBH

      SLU Authors

    • Holtenius, Kjell

      • Department of Animal Physiology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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    Animal and Dairy Science

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