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Research article1996Peer reviewed

Prevalence of antibodies to lipid A in Danish cattle

Andersen, PH; Houe, H; Fomsgaard, A; Hoier, R


A cross-sectional study was performed on the occurrence of IgG antibodies to lipid A of the Gram-negative bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS, endotoxin) on serum of 2272 cattle distributed on 19 Danish dairy herds. The relationship between the concentration of antibodies to lipid A (ALI) and age, herd, pregnancy rate and occurrence of mastitis, bovine virus diarrhoea (BVD), reproductive and digestive disorders, diarrhoea, pneumonia, foot disorders, various infections and traumatic udder lesions was investigated. ALI generally was low in calves and increased during their first 1.5 years of life to a steady state, which could be altered by the occurrence of disease. There were significant differences in the mean ALI among the herds (P < 0.001). High ALI was associated with a low herd pregnancy rate, to preceding occurrence of mastitis (P < 0.048), BVD (P < 0.010), reproduction diseases (P < 0.041) and digestion disorders (P < 0.064), in animals older than 2 years. The calf mortality rate was not associated to ALI and there was no correlation between the ALI in calves and their dams. The occurrence of high ALI levels on a herd basis may be an indication of increased challenge or enhanced immunological defense to Gram-negative bacteria or endotoxin.

Published in

Journal of veterinary medicine. Series A
1996, Volume: 43, number: 5, pages: 271-279

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    Clinical Science

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