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Abundance of coastal fish key functional groups

Olsson, Jens; Östman, Örjan; Bergström, Lena; Lappalainen, Antti; Heikinheimo, Outi; Ådjers, Kaj; Saks, Lauri; Svirgsden, Roland; Brikmane, Laura; Ložys, Linas; Dainys, Justas; Jakubavičiūtė, Eglė; Lejk, Adam; Smolinski, Szymon; Winkler, Helmut; Schulz, Norbert; Stottrup, J.G.; Brown, Elliott John


This core indicator evaluates the abundance of selected functional groups of coastal fish in the Baltic Sea. As a rule,good status is achieved when the abundance of piscivores (i.e. fish that feed on other fish) is above a site-specific threshold value,and the abundance ofcyprinidsor mesopredators(i.e. mid trophic-level fish) is within an acceptable rangefor the specific site. The status of functional groups of coastal fish in the Baltic Sea has been evaluated by assessing the status of piscivores and cyprinids/mesopredatorsduring the period 2011-2015.

Published in

HELCOM core indicator report
2015, Publisher: HELCOM (Helsinki Commission)