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Research article1993Peer reviewed

Extracellular proteins in embryogenic suspension cultures of Norway spruce (Picea abies)

Egertsdotter, Ulrika; Mo, Lars H.; Von Arnold, Sara


Embryogenic cell lines of Norway spruce (Picea abies) varying in growth habit and morphology were compared as regards profiles of extracellular proteins. Similar proteins were detected in the culture medium by SDS PAGE and in vivo labeling experiments, indicating that the proteins were secreted. Approximately 20 protein bands could be detected in the medium of each cell line. Three of the bands represented glycosylated proteins, as revealed by Concanavalin A staining. Some of the secreted proteins were similar for all tested embryogenic lines of Norway spruce, others were either specific for a group of cell lines or for individual cell lines. A correlation was observed between the morphology of the somatic embryos in a cell line and the presence of secreted proteins. The embryogenic cell lines of Norway spruce can be divided into two main groups, A and B, where A is characterized by somatic embryos with dense embryoheads and B by somatic embryos with loosely aggregated cells in their embryoheads. When proteins secreted from a cell line belonging to group A were added to cell lines belonging to group B, the somatic embryos of the B type developed further and became more similar in morphology to A-type embryos. These observations indicate that cell lines belonging to group A secrete certain proteins to the culture medium that are essential for the development of somatic embryos of Norway spruce.



Published in

Physiologia Plantarum
1993, Volume: 88, number: 2, pages: 315-321

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      • Von Arnold, Sara

        • Department of Forest Genetics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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      Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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