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Research article2006Peer reviewedOpen access

CO/FT regulatory module controls timing of flowering and seasonal growth cessation in trees

Bohlenius, H; Huang, T; Charbonnel-Campaa, L; Brunner, AM; Jansson, S; Strauss, SH; Nilsson, O


Forest trees display a perennial growth behavior characterized by a multiple-year delay in flowering and, in temperate regions, an annual cycling between growth and dormancy. We show here that the CO/FT regulatory module, which controls flowering time in response to variations in daylength in annual plants, controls flowering in aspen trees. Unexpectedly, however, it also controls the short-day-induced growth cessation and bud set occurring in the fall. This regulatory mechanism can explain the ecogenetic variation in a highly adaptive trait: the critical daylength for growth cessation displayed by aspen trees sampled across a latitudinal gradient spanning northern Europe

Published in

2006, Volume: 312, number: 5776, pages: 1040-1043 Publisher: AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCE