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Fluorescent Imidazolium-Based Cyclophane for Detection of Guanosine-5 '-triphosphate and I- in Aqueous Solution of Physiological pH

Ahmed, Nisar; Shirinfar, Bahareh; Geronimo, Inacrist; Kim, Kwang S.


A new water-soluble and fluorescent imidazollum-anthracene cyclophane (1) effectively recognizes the biologically Important GTP and I- over other anions in a 100% aqueous solution of physiological pH 7.4. Fluorescence and H-1 NMR spectra and ab initio calculations demonstrate that emission arises from the formation of an excimer state and quenching occurs upon GTP/I- binding through (C-H)(+)center dot center dot center dot A(-) hydrogen bond interactions.

Published in

Organic Letters
2011, Volume: 13, number: 20, pages: 5476-5479

    UKÄ Subject classification

    Theoretical Chemistry
    Analytical Chemistry

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