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Research article1997Peer reviewed

Biological control of cereal seed-borne diseases by seed bacterization with greenhouse-selected bacteria

Hokeberg, M; Gerhardson, B; Johnsson, L


About 400 bacterial strains, isolated from roots of wild and cultivated plants, were screened for effects against diseases caused by Drechslera teres and/or Microdochium nivale in greenhouse tests and against common bunt caused by Tilletia caries in held tests. Four of the strains showed good biocontrol activity (>70% disease reduction) against D. teres and ir: caries both in screenings and field tests. One Pseudomonas isolate, MA 342, strongly and reliably suppressed both D. teres and T. caries in the field, while effects against M. nivale were weaker. The effects could not be enhanced by varying pre-application or seed application procedures. This isolate could be stored as a suspension in a refrigerator, frozen or applied to seeds for at least one month without loosing its disease controlling ability.


bacterial antagonism; Drechslera teres; Microdochium nivale; rhizobacteria; screening methods; Tilletia caries

Published in

European Journal of Plant Pathology
1997, Volume: 103, number: 1, pages: 25-33