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Research article2010Peer reviewed

Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) genetic resources: a case of high iron and zinc

Nassar, Nagib M. A.; Barbosa, Ionara Souza; Haridassan, M.; Ortiz, Rodomiro; Gomes, Pollyanna T. C.


Cassava hybrids from interspecific crosses with Manihot caerulescens Pohl, M. pseudoglaziovii Pax and Hoffmann and M. dichotoma Ule showed a very high iron and zinc content in both roots and leaves, e.g. 98.15 mg kg(-1) in roots of the interspecific hybrid cassava-M. caerulescens versus 12.17 mg kg(-1) in a cassava cultivar. This promising results show the potential of wild Manihot species for micronutrient enhancement of cassava.


Interspecific hybrids; Iron; Leaf; Manihot esculenta; Root; Zinc

Published in

Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution
2010, Volume: 57, number: 2, pages: 287-291
Publisher: SPRINGER

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    Agricultural Science
    Genetics and Breeding

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