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Degree of Biomimicry of Artificial Spider Silk Spinning Assessed by NMR Spectroscopy

Otikovs, Martins; Andersson, Marlene; Jia, Qiupin; Nordling, Kerstin; Meng, Qing; Andreas, Loren B.; Pintacuda, Guido; Johansson, Jan; Rising, Anna; Jaudzems, Kristaps


Biomimetic spinning of artificial spider silk requires that the terminal domains of designed minispidroins undergo specific structural changes in concert with the beta-sheet conversion of the repetitive region. Herein, we combine solution and solid-state NMR methods to probe domain-specific structural changes in the NT2RepCT minispidroin, which allows us to assess the degree of biomimicry of artificial silk spinning. In addition, we show that the structural effects of post-spinning procedures can be examined. By studying the impact of NT2RepCT fiber drying, we observed a reversible beta-to-alpha conversion. We think that this approach will be useful for guiding the optimization of artificial spider silk fibers.


biomimicry; fibrous proteins; NMR spectroscopy; spider silk

Published in

Angewandte Chemie International Edition
2017, Volume: 56, number: 41, pages: 12571-12575

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