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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2014

Land use dynamics in Brazilian La Plata Basin and anthropogenic climate change

de Vasconcelos, Ana Carolina F.; Schlindwein, Sandro L.; Lana, Marcos A.; Fantini, Alfredo C.; Bonatti, Michelle; D'Agostini, Luiz R.; Martins, Sergio R.


The La Plata Basin (LPB) is one of the most important regions for agriculture and livestock production in South America, playing a central role in the world food production and food security. Within its borders is also located the whole Brazilian Pantanal region. Identifying the most important land use sectors in LPB as well as the changes observed in the past years is fundamental to recognize which areas of the basin might be more vulnerable to climate change in order to design adaptation strategies. A general characterization of land use and livestock production of Brazilian LPB was done by using the System of Automatic Retrieving (SIDRA) of Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) platform as the major source of data. It was observed expressive increases in land areas used for temporary crops, such as soybean, sugarcane, and maize, as well as increases in poultry and swine production. These important changes in agricultural land use and livestock production are currently associated to non-climatic drivers, but this dynamic might be strongly affected by the consequences of climate change and variability, with negative socio-economic impacts for the whole region.

Published in

Climatic Change
2014, Volume: 127, number: 1, pages: 73-81
Publisher: SPRINGER

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    Agricultural Science

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