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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2016

Seed germination and emergence of Eragrostis tenuifolia (A. Rich.) Hochst. ex Steud. in response to environmental factors

Lana, Marcos


Eragrostis tenuifolia is a weed species that is gaining ground in Brazil. This weed occurs in pastures, grasslands, crop fields, and roadsides. The objective of this study was to examine the effects of different environmental factors on E. tenuifolia seed germination and seedling emergence. The optimum constant temperature for germination was around 35-30°C. It was also found that 85% of seeds germinated under a 30/20°C alternate temperature regime. Light appears to have a positive effect on seed germination. No seedlings emerged when seeds were buried 3 cm or deeper. The results suggested that E. tenuifolia has the potential to spread into pastures and in no-tillage crop systems in Brazil. Measures such as the use of cover crops and/or soil cultivation can be used to limit germination and seedling emergence, respectively.

Published in

Journal of Plant Protection Research
2016, Volume: 56, number: 1, pages: 32-38

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    Agricultural Science

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