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Conference paper, 2005

Use of concrete floors in livestock buildings

Nilsson, Christer


The paper discusses and analyzes some biological requirements with respect to the floors in livestock houses. In order to design a good concrete floor, the biological requirements must be considered and preferably transformed into technical terms thus facilitating a good solution. The properties discussed are mainly thermal comfort, softness, friction, abrasiveness, contact pressure between animal and floor, and contamination and wetness. All properties are important; however in most cases it is impossible simultaneously to attain optimal values for all technical properties. Instead the aim must be to work out an acceptable compromise which in as high extent as possible fulfils the different demands put up. Additionally the construction must be able to withstand all the different chemical and physical components present in the floor environment. This is important so that the flooring will not deteriorate and thus resulting in less good animal environment. Good and long lasting materials and constructions are also prerequisites for a sound economic production. Consequently, economic considerations, animal welfare, pollution control and environmental aesthetics are all connected with durable design


Livestock; floor; requirement; measurement

Published in

Publisher: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Vth International Symposium on Concrete for a suatainable agriculture; Agro-, Aqua- and Community applications

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    • Nilsson, Christer

      • Department of Agricultural Biosystems and Technology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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    Veterinary Science
    Animal and Dairy Science

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