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Conference paper - Peer-reviewed, 2013

Methods for examining fungal prevalence in haylage

Spörndly, Rolf


The production of organic milk is increasing in Sweden. In 2012 it made up 12.7% of total milk delivered. One constraining factor in the production is the scarcity of protein- rich feedstuffs. The price of protein- rich concentrates certified as organic is high, creating a growing interest in home-grown protein- rich feeds. Field beans, Vicia faba, is an attractive crop for organic cultivation and should have the potential to add valuable protein to diets for ruminants. Being a legume, field beans can fix atmospherics nitrogen and are also appreciated as a preceding crop in the crop rotation system due to its deep root system. However, rumen solubility of the protein fraction in field beans is high, as in most other home-grown crops. When feeding a diet based on grass-clover silage and concentrates based on wheat, barley or oats, all feeds consist of easily degrade protein. A protein supplement with higher resistance towards rumen degradation combined with a high total digestibility would be desirable.


Vicia faba; animal feed; field beans; rumen solubility

Published in

Publisher: Swedish university of agricultural sciences


Proceedings of the 4th Nordic Feed Science Conference