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Research article2017Peer reviewed

Melatonin and IL-25 modulate apoptosis and angiogenesis mediators in metastatic (CF-41) and non-metastatic (CMT-U229) canine mammary tumour cells

Gelaleti, G. B.; Borin, T. F.; Maschio-Signorini, L. B.; Moschetta, M. G.; Hellmen, E.; Viloria-Petit, A. M.; Zuccari, D. A. P. C.


Background: Melatonin has oncostatic actions and IL-25 is active in inflammatory processes that induce apoptosis in tumor cellsAim: The aim of this study was to evaluate melatonin and IL-25 in metastatic (CF-41) and non-metastatic (CMT-U229) canine mammary tumor cells cultured as monolayers and tridimensional structures.Materials and Methods: The cells were treated with melatonin, IL-25 and IL-17B silencing gene and performed cell viability, gene and protein expression of caspase-3 and VEGFA (Vascular endothelial growth factor A) and an apoptosis membrane protein array.Results: Treatment with 1 mM of melatonin reduced cell viability of both tumor cell lines, all treatments alone and combined significantly increased caspase-3 cleaved and proteins involved in the apoptotic pathway and reduced pro-angiogenic VEGFA, confirming the effectiveness of these potential promising treatments.Conclusion: This is the first study evaluating the potential use of these strategies in CF-41 and CMT-U229 cell lines and together encourages subsequent in vitro and in vivo studies for further exploration of clinical applications.


angiogenesis; apoptosis; canine; interleukin-25; melatonin; mammary tumour cells

Published in

Veterinary and Comparative Oncology
2017, Volume: 15, number: 4, pages: 1572-1584

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    Medical Bioscience

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