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Research article2017Peer reviewed

Leaching of mineral nitrogen in the soil influenced by addition of compost and N-mineral fertilizer

Plosek, L.; Elbl, J.; Losak, T.; Kuzel, S.; Kintl, A.; Juricka, D.; Kynicky, J.; Martensson, A.; Brtnicky, M.


This paper deals with the problem of mineral N leaching from arable lands due to the fertilization method. The influence of different doses of compost (50 and 100Mg ha(-1)) and N-mineral fertilizer (35-70-140 kg N ha(-1)) on leaching of N-min in a lysimetric experiment with winter wheat. The area of our interest represents the main source of drinking water for the city of Brno and its neighborhoods. To demonstrate the effect of compost and mineral nitrogen addition, the lysimetric experiment was established there. Seven variants of the experiment with different fertilization schemes were studied during two vegetation seasons (2013 and 2014), each with three repetitions. The experiment was carried out in plastic experimental containers of 0.3 m diameter and 0.5 m height. Therefore, each lysimeter was the same size and was filled with 25 kg of subsoil and 25 kg of topsoil. The highest leaching of N-min was detected in the variant C2 where 140 kg N ha(-1) was applied, in both vegetation periods (5.97 kg N-min ha(-1) after the first vegetation period and 17.02 kg N-min ha(-1) after the second vegetation period). The positive effect of compost application (individually or in combination with the mineral N) on decrease in mineral N leaching was found during both vegetation period in comparison with variant C2. The highest doses of compost (100Mg per ha) significantly decreased the concentration of mineral nitrogen in the soil eluate in both periods (3.03 kg N-min ha(-1) and 5.79 kg N-min ha(-1), respectively), by 197% and 293% in comparison with variant C2. There is evidence that the application of compost has a positive effect on the reduction of N-min leaching.


Mineral nitrogen; compost application; lysimeter; nitrogen leaching; fertilizer

Published in

Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B - Soil and Plant Science
2017, Volume: 67, number: 7, pages: 607-614

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    Soil Science

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