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Research article2017Peer reviewedOpen access

Yeasts dominate soil fungal communities in three lowland Neotropical rainforests

Dunthorn, Micah; Kauserud, Havard; Bass, David; Mayor, Jordan; Mahe, Frederic


Forest soils typically harbour a vast diversity of fungi, but are usually dominated by filamentous (hyphae-forming) taxa. Compared to temperate and boreal forests, though, we have limited knowledge about the fungal diversity in tropical rainforest soils. Here we show, by environmental metabarcoding of soil samples collected in three Neotropical rainforests, that Yeasts dominate the fungal communities in terms of the number of sequencing reads and OTUs. These unicellular forms are commonly found in aquatic environments, and their hyperdiversity may be the result of frequent inundation combined with numerous aquatic microenvironments in these rainforests. Other fungi that are frequent in aquatic environments, such as the abundant Chytridiomycotina, were also detected. While there was low similarity in OTU composition within and between the three rainforests, the fungal communities in Central America were more similar to each other than the communities in South America, reflecting a general biogeographic pattern also seen in animals, plants and protists.

Published in

Environmental Microbiology Reports
2017, Volume: 9, number: 5, pages: 668-675
Publisher: WILEY

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