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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2006

Effects of fibroblast growth factors 19 and 20 on cell multiplication and locomotion in a human embryonal carcinoma cell line (Tera-2) in vitro

Engstrom W, Granerus M


Background: The effects of two recently discovered heparin binding growth factors, FGF-19 and FGF-20, on the human embryonal carcinoma derived cell line Tera 2 were examined. Materials and Methods: Cell numbers, as well as cell migration were examined at the clonal level by light microscopy. Results: FGF-19, as well as FGF-20 promoted Tera 2 cell multiplication. Whereas FGF-20 promoted cell multiplication at low doses, FGF-19 was required at high doses to achieve a comparable effect. Moreover, FGF-19 did not significantly stimulate cell locomotion, while FGF-20 promoted cell motility at high doses. Conclusion: FGF-19 and FGF-20 qualitatively exert different effects on cell survival and cell locomotion

Published in

Anticancer Research
2006, Volume: 26, number: 5A, pages: 3307-3310