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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2017

Complete genome of Avian coronavirus vaccine strains Ma5 and BR-I

Brandão, Paulo E; Taniwaki, Sueli A; Berg, Mikael; Hora, Aline S


Avian coronavirus (AvCoV) is a ubiquitous multiple-serotype pathogen of poultry, and its control is mainly based on the use of vaccines. We report here the previously unknown full genomes of the Ma5 (27,652 nucleotides [nt]) and BR-I (27,618 nt) AvCoV vaccine strains of the GI-1 (Massachusetts) and GI-11 (Brazil) types.

Published in

Microbiology Resource Announcements
2017, Volume: 5, number: 23, article number: e00201-17