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Riparian forests along small streams on managed forest land in Sweden

Ring, E.; Widenfalk, O.; Jansson, G.; Holmstrom, H.; Hogbom, L.; Sonesson, J.


This study investigated characteristics of riparian forests on managed forest land in Sweden. Forest and site characteristics were inventoried at three sites, located along a south to north gradient, in 139 transects placed perpendicular to 38 stream reaches (<10 m wide), in forests representing the age classes 0-25, 26-75 and >75 years. Starting from the stream edge, the 30 m long transects were divided into three zones: 0-5, 5-15 and 15-30 m. The stem volumes of Pinus sylvestris L., Picea abies (L.) H. Karst, Betula spp. and broadleaved trees, the basal area share of Alnus spp., the stem density, and Sphagnum spp. coverage all showed an effect of zone (p < 0.05). The 0-5 m zone had the lowest volume of P. sylvestris and the highest volumes of P. abies, Betula spp. and broadleaved trees as well as the highest total stem density and basal area share of Alnus spp. Some characteristics of the northernmost site tended to differ from the two sites located in south-central Sweden. Knowledge of the characteristics of riparian forests as found in this study could aid long-term forestry planning and improve precision in the preservation and development of riparian forests with certain qualities.


Boreal; buffer; conifer; forestry; protection; water

Published in

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research
2018, Volume: 33, number: 2, pages: 133-146

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