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Plant autophagy: mechanisms and functions

Bozhkov, Peter V.


Autophagy (from Greek: 'self-eating') is a major catabolic process in eukaryotic cells in which cytoplasmic components are collected and delivered to the lysosomes or vacuoles for recycling. It plays a paramount role in plant fitness and immunity. At present, the frontiers of our understanding of the process are extending exponentially, with new, plant-specific mechanisms and functions being uncovered. In this special issue, original research articles and reviews enlighten this knowledge from lipid metabolism and dynamics, membrane trafficking and proteolysis to pathogen-mediated modulation of the process and the emerging role of autophagy-related approaches in crop improvement.


Autophagy; embryogenesis; biotechnology; lipids; lipid droplets; membrane-trafficking pathways; plant-pathogen interaction; proteases; seed development; senescence

Published in

Journal of Experimental Botany
2018, Volume: 69, number: 6 Special issue, pages: 1281-1285

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    Cell Biology

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