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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2018

Impact of personal values and personality on motivational factors for farmers to work with farm animal welfare: a case of Swedish dairy farmers

Hansson, H.; Lagerkvist, C. J.; Vesala, K. M.


In this study, we sought to explain why dairy farmers give importance to various use and non-use values of animal welfare. In partic-ular, we examined how the farmers could be segmented according to the relative importance they give to various use and non-use values in animal welfare and whether this segmentation could be explained by farmers' personal values and personality traits. Based on a latent class analysis using best-worst scaling data on 123 Swedish dairy farmers, three segments of farmers were found: animal-centred, human-centred and business-orientated. These groups were related to measures of farmers' personal values and personality traits in a point-biserial correlation and a hierarchal multinomial logistic regression analysis. The results suggest that the segmentation is related to personal values, but not to personality traits. This finding is important from a policy perspective, because the existence of different segments of farmers who are motivated by different values in animal welfare indicates a need to approach different farmers in different ways if policy is to succeed in improving animal welfare. It also indicates a possibility to influence the segments to improve animal welfare by measures that are sensitive to value dynamics of the farmers.


animal welfare; best-worst scaling; non-use values; personal values; personality traits; use values

Published in

Animal Welfare
2018, Volume: 27, number: 2, pages: 133-145