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Research article2017Peer reviewedOpen access

Two centuries of masting data for European beech and Norway spruce across the European continent

Ascoli, Davide; Maringer, Janet; Hacket-Pain, Andy; Conedera, Marco; Drobyshev, Igor; Motta, Renzo; Cirolli, Mara; Kantorowicz, Wladyslaw; Zang, Christian; Schueler, Silvio; Croise, Luc; Piussi, Pietro; Berretti, Roberta; Palaghianu, Ciprian; Westergren, Marjana; Lageard, Jonathan G. A.; Burkart, Anton; Bichsel, Regula Gehrig; Thomas, Peter A.; Beudert, Burkhard;
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2017, Volume: 98, number: 5, pages: 1473-+