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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2018

Variations in mitochondrial cytochrome b region among Ethiopian indigenous cattle populations assert Bos taurus maternal origin and historical dynamics

Tarekegn, Getinet Mekuriaw; Ji, Xiao-yang; Bai, Xue; Liu, Bin; Zhang, Wenguang; Birungi, Josephine; Djikeng, Appolinaire; Tesfaye, Kassahun


Objective: This study was carried out to assess the haplotype diversity and population dynamics in cattle populations of Ethiopia.Methods: We sequenced the complete mitochondrial cytochrome b gene of 76 animals from five indigenous and one Holstein FriesianxBarka cross bred cattle populations.Results: In the sequence analysis, 18 haplotypes were generated from 18 segregating sites and the average haplotype and nucleotide diversities were 0.7540 +/- 0.043 and 0.0010 +/- 0.000, respectively. The population differentiation analysis shows a weak population structure (4.55%) among the populations studied. Majority of the variation (95.45%) is observed by within populations. The overall average pair-wise distance (F-ST) was 0.049539 with the highest (F-ST = 0.1245) and the lowest (F-ST = 0.011) F-ST distances observed between Boran and Abigar, and Sheko and Abigar from the indigenous cattle, respectively. The phylogenetic network analysis revealed that all the haplotypes detected clustered together with the Bos taurus cattle and converged to a haplogroup. No haplotype in Ethiopian cattle was observed clustered with the reference Bos indicus group. The mismatch distribution analysis indicates a single population expansion event among the cattle populations.Conclusion: Overall, high haplotype variability was observed among Ethiopian cattle populations and they share a common ancestor with Bos taurus.


Cytochrome b; Ethiopian Cattle; Haplotype Diversity; Population Expansion

Published in

Asian-Australasian journal of animal sciences
2018, volume: 31, number: 9, pages: 1393-1400

Authors' information

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics
Bahir Dar University
Ji, Xiao-yang
Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
Bai, Xue
Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
Liu, Bin
Nei Mongol BioNew Technology
Zhang, Wenguang
Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
Birungi, Josephine
Biosciences eastern and central Africa - International Livestock Research Institute (BecA - ILRI) Hub
Djikeng, Appolinaire
University of Edinburgh
Tesfaye, Kassahun
Addis Ababa University

UKÄ Subject classification

Animal and Dairy Science
Evolutionary Biology

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