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Report, 2018

Abundance and distribution of round goby (Neogobius melanostomus)

Puntila, Riikka; Strāke, Solvita; Florin, Ann-Britt; Naddafi, Rahmat; Lehtiniemi, Maiju; Behrens, Jane W.; Kotta, Jonne; Oesterwind, Daniel; Putnis, Ivars; Smolinski, Szymon; Wozniczka, Adam; Ojaveer, Henn; Ložys, Linas; Uspenskiy, Anton; Yurtseva, Anastasia


The round goby has established in all Baltic Sea sub-basins and is continuously increasing its range and abundance in recently colonized habitats. The species has become the predominant fish species in many coastal areas and poses strong predatory pressure essentially on epibenthic mollusks. It has also become an important prey species in areas where it is numerous, with signs of individual-level benefits for some piscivorous fish.

Published in

HELCOM Baltic Sea Environment Fact Sheets
Publisher: HELCOM (Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission - Helsinki Commission)