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Other publication in scientific journal, 2019

Session 5: overview: Legumes in cropping systems, advantages and perspectives

Lepse, Liga; Jensen, Erik Steen


Legume re-integration in cropping systems and crop rotations has increased during recent years. Intercropping is found as one solution to introduce legumes in cropping systems. It was found that a pea variety mixture can combine the beneficial traits of the single varieties with maintained pea grain yield relative to the highest-yielding variety. It was also found that the use of legumes in intercropping with strawberries, needs further research to determine moisture influence on crop performance. Crop rotation trials showed that the soil NO3 -N concentration was increased by pea or faba bean as preceding crop in comparison to cabbage.


intercropping; variety mixtures; fababean; pea; crop rotation; sustainability assessment

Published in

Legume perspectives
2019, number: 15, pages: 26-28