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Other publication in scientific journal, 2017

Remarkable Economic and Energy-Based Income from a Harvested Poplar Plantation in the South of Sweden

Christersson, Lars


Search for alternative energy sources has been going on in Sweden since the middle of the 70 ties. Energy plantations of different Salix clones are well established and now even poplar plantations start to become of interest. A poplar plantation in the south of Sweden has been harvested with the following results: a woody production above ground of 29 m3 /ha, year. This production gives an economic outcome of 510 US$/ha, year. Efficient Light Absorption Factor (ELAF) for woody biomass production above ground and under bark was 0.6% in this plantation.


Poplar; Biomass; Woody production; Economy; Rotation time

Published in

Annals of Experimental Biology
2017, Volume: 5, number: 1, pages: 7-8