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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2021

Multi-omic analyses in Abyssinian cats with primary renal amyloid deposits

Genova, Francesca; Nonnis, Simona; Maffioli, Elisa; Tedeschi, Gabriella; Strillacci, Maria Giuseppina; Carisetti, Michela; Sironi, Giuseppe; Cupaioli, Francesca Anna; Di Nanni, Noemi; Mezzelani, Alessandra; Mosca, Ettore; Helps, Christopher R.; Leegwater, Peter A. J.; Dorso, Laetitia; Longeri, Maria; Buckley, Reuben M.; Aberdein, Danielle; Alves, Paulo C.; Andersson, Asa Ohlsson; Barsh, Gregory S.; Bellone, Rebecca R.; Bergstrom, Tomas F.; Boyko, Adam R.; Brockman, Jeffrey A.; Casal, Margret L.; Castelhano, Marta G.; Distl, Ottmar; Dodman, Nicholas H.; Ellinwood, N. Matthew; Fogle, Jonathan E.; Forman, Oliver P.; Garrick, Dorian J.; Ginns, Edward, I; Haase, Bianca; Haggstrom, Jens; Harvey, Robert J.; Hasegawa, Daisuke; Hernandez, Isabel; Hytonen, Marjo K.; Kaukonen, Maria; Kaelin, Christopher B.; Kosho, Tomoki; Leclerc, Emilie; Lear, Teri L.; Leeb, Tosso; Li, Ronald H. L.; Lohi, Hannes; Magnuson, Mark A.; Malik, Richard; Mane, Shrinivasrao P.; Munday, John S.; Murphy, William J.; Pedersen, Niels C.; Peterson-Jones, Simon M.; Rothschild, Max F.; Rusbridge, Clare; Shapiro, Beth; Stern, Joshua A.; Swanson, William F.; Terio, Karen A.; Todhunter, Rory J.; Warren, Wesley C.; Wilcox, Elizabeth A.; Wildschutte, Julia H.; Yu, Yoshihiko; Lyons, Leslie A.
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The amyloidoses constitute a group of diseases occurring in humans and animals that are characterized by abnormal deposits of aggregated proteins in organs, affecting their structure and function. In the Abyssinian cat breed, a familial form of renal amyloidosis has been described. In this study, multi-omics analyses were applied and integrated to explore some aspects of the unknown pathogenetic processes in cats. Whole-genome sequences of two affected Abyssinians and 195 controls of other breeds (part of the 99 Lives initiative) were screened to prioritize potential disease-associated variants. Proteome and miRNAome from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded kidney specimens of fully necropsied Abyssinian cats, three affected and three non-amyloidosis-affected were characterized. While the trigger of the disorder remains unclear, overall, (i) 35,960 genomic variants were detected; (ii) 215 and 56 proteins were identified as exclusive or overexpressed in the affected and control kidneys, respectively; (iii) 60 miRNAs were differentially expressed, 20 of which are newly described. With omics data integration, the general conclusions are: (i) the familial amyloid renal form in Abyssinians is not a simple monogenic trait; (ii) amyloid deposition is not triggered by mutated amyloidogenic proteins but is a mix of proteins codified by wild-type genes; (iii) the form is biochemically classifiable as AA amyloidosis.

Published in

Scientific Reports
2021, volume: 11, number: 1, article number: 8339

Authors' information

Genova, Francesca
University of Milan
Nonnis, Simona
University of Milan
Maffioli, Elisa
University of Milan
Tedeschi, Gabriella
University of Milan
Strillacci, Maria Giuseppina
University of Milan
Carisetti, Michela
University of Milan
Sironi, Giuseppe
University of Milan
Cupaioli, Francesca Anna
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)
Di Nanni, Noemi
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)
Mezzelani, Alessandra
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)
Mosca, Ettore
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)
Helps, Christopher R.
University of Bristol
Leegwater, Peter A. J.
Utrecht University
Dorso, Laetitia
Buckley, Reuben M.
University of Missouri Columbia
Aberdein, Danielle
Massey University
Alves, Paulo C.
University of Montana
Ohlsson Andersson, Åsa (Ohlsson, Åsa)
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Clinical Sciences
Barsh, Gregory S.
Stanford University
Bellone, Rebecca R.
University of California Davis
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics
Boyko, Adam R.
Cornell University
Brockman, Jeffrey A.
Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc.
Casal, Margret L.
University of Pennsylvania
Castelhano, Marta G.
Cornell University
Distl, Ottmar
University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation
Dodman, Nicholas H.
Tufts University
Ellinwood, N. Matthew
Natl MPS Soc
Fogle, Jonathan E.
University of North Carolina
Forman, Oliver P.
WALTHAM Ctr Pet Nutr
Garrick, Dorian J.
Massey University
Ginns, Edward
University of Massachusetts Worcester
Haase, Bianca
University of Sydney
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Clinical Sciences
Harvey, Robert J.
University of the Sunshine Coast
Hasegawa, Daisuke
Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Hernandez, Isabel
Cornell University
Hytonen, Marjo K.
University of Helsinki
Kaukonen, Maria
Folkhalsan Research Center
Kaukonen, Maria
University of Helsinki
Kaelin, Christopher B.
Stanford University
Kosho, Tomoki
Shinshu University
Leclerc, Emilie
Lear, Teri L.
University of Kentucky
Leeb, Tosso
University of Bern
Li, Ronald H. L.
University of California Davis
Lohi, Hannes
University of Helsinki
Magnuson, Mark A.
Vanderbilt University
Malik, Richard
University of Sydney
Mane, Shrinivasrao P.
Elanco Anim Hlth
Munday, John S.
Massey University
Murphy, William J.
Texas AandM University College Station
Pedersen, Niels C.
University of California Davis
Peterson-Jones, Simon M.
Michigan State University
Rothschild, Max F.
Iowa State University
Rusbridge, Clare
University of Surrey
Shapiro, Beth
University of California Santa Cruz
Stern, Joshua A.
University of California Davis
Swanson, William F.
Cincinnati Zoo and Bot Garden
Terio, Karen A.
Univ Illinois
Todhunter, Rory J.
Cornell University
Warren, Wesley C.
University of Missouri Columbia
Wilcox, Elizabeth A.
Cornell University
Wildschutte, Julia H.
Bowling Green State University
Yu, Yoshihiko
Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Lyons, Leslie A.
University of Missouri Columbia
Longeri, Maria
University of Milan
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