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Workshop on ICES reference points (WKREF1)

Cardinale, Massimiliano; Winker, Henning; Moesgaard Albertsen, Christoffer; Bartolino, Valerio; Bergenius, Mikaela; Cerviño, Santiago; van Deurs, Mikael; Dingsør, Gjert Endre; Duplisea, Daniel; Fall, Johanna; Garcia, Dorleta; Gilljam, David; Goñi, Nicolas; Gras, Michaël; Gröhsler, Tomas; Hommik, Kristiina; Horbowy, Jan; Howell, Daniel; Ibaibarriaga, Leire; Jounela, Pekka; Kell, Laurence; Konrad, Christoph; Kvamme, Cecilie; Lambert, Debra; Lecomte, Jean-Baptiste; Lordan, Colm; Lövgren, Johan; Lynch, Patrick; Masnadi, Francesco; Methot, Richard D.; Miethe, Tanja; Miller, David; Minto, Cóilín; Mosqueira, Iago; Nimmegeers, Sofie; De Oliveira, José A. A.; Orio, Alessandro; Pastoors, Martin; Reid, David; Sharma, Rishi; Silva, Andreia; Simmonds, John; Sparholt, Henrik; Stoetera , Sven; Taylor, Marc; Trijoulet, Vanessa; Uriarte, Andrés; Vansteensbrugge, Lies; Vatnehol, Sindre; Villanueva, Ching; Wise, Laura
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The ICES Workshop on ICES reference points (WKREF1) was tasked to provide a thorough review of the ICES reference points system as a basis to re-evaluate the process for estimating, updating and communicating reference points in the context of the ICES advice. As part of the preparation leading to WKREF1 a large database of the most recent assessment outputs for 78 Category 1 stocks were collated in the form `FLStock` objects, which formed the basis for several components of the presented analyses.

Published in

ICES scientific reports
2022, number: 4:2Publisher: International Council for the Exploration of the Sea