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For the love of fish, nature and people: A tribute to Professor Louis Bernatchez (1960-2023)

Wellenreuther, Maren; Ferchaud, Anne-Laure; Beheregaray, Luciano B.; Bierne, Nicolas; Correa, Alberto Soares; Elmer, Kathryn; Fraser, Dylan; Gifford, Danna; Gompert, Zachariah; Johnson, Marc; Kassen, Rees; Martin, Ryan; Meek, Mariah; Mergeay, Joachim; Merot, Claire; Naish, Kerry; Narum, Shawn; Sunnucks, Paul; Thomas, Frederic; Thrall, Peter; Yanez, Jose Manuel; Zhan, Jiasui; Zhan, Xiangjiang
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Published in

Evolutionary applications
2023, Volume: 16, number: 10, pages: 1663-1670
Publisher: WILEY