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Report of the Herring Assessment Working Group for the Area South of 62°N (HAWG), 29-31 January 2018 and 12-20 March 2018, ICES HQ, Copenhagen, Denmark. ICES CM 2018/ACOM:07

Egan, Afra; Rindorf, Anna; Berges, Benoit; Kvamme, Cecilie; Loots, Christophe; Sparrevohn, Claus Reedtz; Johnsen, Espen; Berg, Florian; Mosegaard, Henrik; Birch Håkansson, Kirsten; Pastoors, Martin; Lundy, Mathieu; O'Malley, Michael; von Deurs, Mikael; Campbell, Neil; Hintzen, Niels; Rohlf, Norbert; Henriksen, Ole; Carpi, Piera; Nash, Richard;
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Publisher: International Council for the Exploration of the Sea