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Research article2022Peer reviewedOpen access

Balancing wood production and biodiversity in intensively managed boreal forest

Eggers, Jeannette; Lundstrom, Johanna; Snall, Tord; Ohman, Karin


Fennoscandian boreal forests are managed intensively for wood production, which has had a negative impact on biodiversity. The harvesting pressure on the forests is likely to increase in the future because wood is seen as an important resource in a bio-based economy. Thus, there is an urgent need to better describe the trade-offs between wood production and biodiversity, and to understand how these trade-offs can be alleviated by adapting forest management. Encompassing a broad range of biodiversity aspects, we studied how forest management can increase biodiversity indicators while maintaining or increasing current harvest levels. We found that there is considerable leeway for forestry to pursue multiple objectives simultaneously in Fennoscandian forest landscapes. We show that it is possible to both increase harvests and structural elements of importance for biodiversity compared to present levels in a forest landscape that is representative of conditions in boreal forests in northern Sweden. Achieving this requires a variation in management strategies at the landscape level, and an adaptation of management practices to explicitly consider and implement multiple objectives in the planning process.


Decision support systems; forest management; multi-objective optimization

Published in

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research