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Research article2024Peer reviewedOpen access

Quantile regression with interval-censored data in questionnaire-based studies

Angelov, Angel G.; Ekstrom, Magnus; Puzon, Klarizze; Arcenas, Agustin; Kristrom, Bengt


Interval-censored data can arise in questionnaire-based studies when the respondent gives an answer in the form of an interval without having pre-specified ranges. Such data are called self-selected interval data. In this case, the assumption of independent censoring is not fulfilled, and therefore the ordinary methods for interval-censored data are not suitable. This paper explores a quantile regression model for self-selected interval data and suggests an estimator based on estimating equations. The consistency of the estimator is shown. Bootstrap procedures for constructing confidence intervals are considered. A simulation study indicates satisfactory performance of the proposed methods. An application to data concerning price estimates is presented.


Interval-censored data; Dependent censoring; Self-selected interval; Quantile regression; Estimating equation

Published in

Computational Statistics
2024, Volume: 39, number: 2, pages: 583–603