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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2023

Consumer housing choices among residents living in wooden multi-storey buildings

Jussila, J.; Franzini, F.; Hayrinen, L.; Lahtinen, K.; Nagy, E.; Mark-Herbert, C.; Roos, A.; Toppinen, A.; Toivonen, R.


Wooden multi-storey construction (WMC) offers an alternative building solution for urban consumers seeking a low-carbon, sustainable lifestyle yet, the literature on consumer experiences in newly constructed WMC-apartments is sparse. This exploratory study develops an understanding about consumer choices with newly built WMC-apartments through thematic interviews of residents and property managers in five cities across Finland and Sweden.Contents analysis reveals that neither building material nor sustainability triggered the residents' initial interest in the new apartment. Residents found WMC appealing but traditional housing choice criteria (e.g. location, floor plan and affordability) guided the ultimate purchasing decision. Notwithstanding, residents expressed that the newly developed neighbourhoods suffered from limited services but trusted that future long-term development would increase service availability.Wood material was experienced as mainly positive and was assessed together with overall aesthetics, sustainability and durability aspects of the building. Residents trusted that the builders considered the apartment's sustainability criteria during construction (e.g. material durability and resistance to changing climate conditions).


Wood construction; consumer housing preferences; choice criteria; housing experiences

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Housing Studies