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Review article2021Peer reviewedOpen access

Lake Sedimentary DNA Research on Past Terrestrial and Aquatic Biodiversity: Overview and Recommendations

Capo, Eric; Giguet-Covex, Charline; Rouillard, Alexandra; Nota, Kevin; Heintzman, Peter D.; Vuillemin, Aurele; Ariztegui, Daniel; Arnaud, Fabien; Belle, Simon; Bertilsson, Stefan; Bigler, Christian; Bindler, Richard; Brown, Antony G.; Clarke, Charlotte L.; Crump, Sarah E.; Debroas, Didier; Englund, Goran; Ficetola, Gentile Francesco; Garner, Rebecca E.; Gauthier, Joanna;
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The use of lake sedimentary DNA to track the long-term changes in both terrestrial and aquatic biota is a rapidly advancing field in paleoecological research. Although largely applied nowadays, knowledge gaps remain in this field and there is therefore still research to be conducted to ensure the reliability of the sedimentary DNA signal. Building on the most recent literature and seven original case studies, we synthesize the state-of-the-art analytical procedures for effective sampling, extraction, amplification, quantification and/or generation of DNA inventories from sedimentary ancient DNA (sedaDNA) via high-throughput sequencing technologies. We provide recommendations based on current knowledge and best practises.


sedimentary ancient DNA; sedimentary DNA; lake sediments; paleolimnology; paleoecology; paleogenetics; paleogenomics; metabarcoding; metagenomics; biodiversity

Published in

2021, Volume: 4, number: 1, article number: 6
Publisher: MDPI