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Research article2024Peer reviewedOpen access

Adjunctive fixation of the humeral epicondyle in a lateral condylar fracture model: Ex vivo comparison of pins and plates with a novel composite (AdhFix)

Quinn, Robert J.; Hoglund, Odd V.; Hutchinson, Daniel J.; Opande, Lola; Lim, Edward; Birgersson, Ulrik; Granskog, Viktor; Malkoch, Michael


Objective: To compare the biomechanical properties of using a novel composite construct (AdhFix) to an interfragmentary Kirschner wire or a reconstruction plate as adjunctive epicondylar stabilization in simulated lateral unicondylar humeral fractures.Study design: Cadaveric biomechanical assessment.Sample population: Paired humeri harvested from skeletally mature dogs (14-41 kg), nine cadavers per group.Methods: Simulated lateral unicondylar humeral fractures were stabilized with a transcondylar 4.5 mm cortical screw placed in lag fashion. Adjunct fixations consisting of a novel composite incorporating 2.7 mm cortical screws on one side, and either a 2.7 mm reconstruction plate or a 1.6 mm Kirschner wire on the contralateral side, were tested within paired humeri. Repaired humeri were axially loaded to failure and construct stiffness, yield load, and ultimate load were obtained from the load-deformation curves.Results: In pairwise comparison, yield load was significantly higher for AdhFix group compared to the pin group, p = .016. No statistical significance was seen in the comparison between AdhFix group and the plate group, p = .25.Conclusion: Adhfix was mechanically superior to K-wires, and comparable to plate fixation, for adjunctive fixation in a lateral humeral condylar model. Our results support further investigation of the novel composite for adjunct fracture fixation in lateral humeral condylar fractures.Clinical significance: The novel composite tested may be a viable alternative for adjunct fixation of humeral condylar fractures, a technique that circumvents plate contouring.

Published in

Veterinary Surgery
2024, Volume: 53, number: 2, pages: 311-319
Publisher: WILEY

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    Clinical Science

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