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Standardisation of Resource-based parameters in cattle

Algers, Bo; Canali, E; Westin, Rebecka


Welfare Quality SP2 will develop monitoring systems for animal welfare based on both animal parameters and design parameters for use from farm to slaughter. Housing structures and environmental factors can affect the welfare of the reared animals and they can be used as risk factors for the animal based parameters. Within this approach the assessment of design parameters is also important in order to give a feed back to farmers. Welfare assessment protocols designed for the assessment of individual farms may take into account design or environmental parameters. A series of parameters have been identified and assessed by the use of 8 experts from 6 different CU countries. The proposed protocol covers several potential resource measures. Simple measure descriptions are given. Tables of the potential resource measures are provided, along with short methodologies for collection of data, suggested units, and a ranking of potential "value" of each measure

Published in

Welfare Quality Deliverable
2007, number: 2, subtask 2.2.1 D2. 11,12,13
Publisher: European Commission (The Welfare Quality project)