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Conference paper2007

Acquiring instantaneous multispectral imagery using a single image sensor with multiple filter mosaic

Bergholm, Fredrik; Hamid, Muhammed Hamed; Larsolle, Anders


This paper presents a technique called CAMSPECT where an external filter mosaic was placed in front of an RGB-camera. The external filter mosaic overlapped the camera's own RGB Bayer mosaic and up to 10 spectral bands could be produced. Field measurements of potato plant canopies in 2005 and 2006 with CAMSPECT and spectrometer resulted in comparable spectra. The small filter areas of the mosaic enabled the identification of details with differing spectral characteristics, and areas with for example deep shadows could be excluded from the analysis. In CAMSPECT images, plant could be separated from soil, which eliminated those errors caused by mixed spectra as compared to spot spectrometer measurements

Published in

Title: 6ECPA Poster Paper Proceedings


6th European Conference on Precision Agriculture