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Conference paper2007

A model for simulating effects of site specific application of nitrogen in a cereal crop

Larsolle, Anders; Hansson, Per-Anders; Thylén, Lars


This paper presents a simulation model for site specific N management of a wheat crop over a field. An existing wheat growth model was chosen (Sirius) and adapted for site specific input and output. Five meter resolution data on water holding capacity from an 11.8 ha field outside Uppsala was used to simulate site specific yield over a 5 year period. Site specific N-rate was calculated using simulated expected yield and national N-rate recommendations. Calculating the uniform N-rate where the recommended Nrate was achieved on 50 % of the field area resulted in the same N-rate as in the site specific case. Increasing the field area percentage to 70 and 90 % resulted in increased required uniform N-rates by 2.4 % and 8.5 % respectively. Further work on the analysis of effects of site specific N management will include additional site specific parameters, such as soil inorganic and organic N status

Published in

Title: 6ECPA Poster Paper Proceedings


6th European Conference on Precision Agriculture