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Research article2011Peer reviewed

Exploring distributional determinants of large carnivore conservation in Sweden

Håkansson, Cecilia; Ericsson, Göran; Bostedt, Kjell Göran


This paper aims to fill the gap in the literature about distributional impacts (who wins and who loses) of implementing new management plans for non-market priced environmental goods and services. The focus is on whether and to what extent, age, gender, presence of large carnivores and income affect willingness-to-pay (WTP) for increasing large carnivore stocks in Sweden. Our results contradict findings from previous studies on large carnivores in the sense that patterns change when different distributional dimensions are analysed together. The results indicate that WTP is independent of the presence of large carnivores, except for the group 'young men'. In general, young men are found to be a disparate group.


non-market valuation; large carnivores; distributional effects; equity

Published in

Journal of Environmental Planning and Management
2011, Volume: 54, number: 5, pages: 577-595