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Research article2014Peer reviewedOpen access

Evaluating the Local Climate Impacts Profile tool for assessing local impacts of extreme weather events

Carlsson-Kanyama, Annika; Blennow, Kristina


The climate change adaptation tool Local Climate Impacts Profile (LCLIP), developed and previously widely usedin the UK, was systematically evaluated in terms of its transferability to Sweden and its usefulness as a catalyst forawareness-raising and action with respect to climate change adaptation. The tool includes scoping, media trawl,interviews and reporting and was applied in three Swedish municipalities. It was found that after some adjustment,the tool can be applied successfully under Swedish conditions. The municipalities involved found the results useful forstimulating local adaptation work. However, the municipalities concluded that LCLIP is primarily a beginner's tool thatcan be applied at a low cost and that other, more costly investigations on vulnerability to extreme weather typically needto be conducted for successful adaptation to climate change at municipal level. An advantage of the LCLIP tool is thatit involves civil servants from all departments in the municipality and thus the resulting vulnerability discussions alsoinvolve departments dealing with ‘soft' issues, such as administration and care.


Local climate impacts profile; UKCIP; Swedish municipalities; Vulnerability

Published in

Journal of Geography and Natural Disasters
2014, Volume: 4, number: 1, article number: 122