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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2014

Clinical and histological characterization of multifocal, spontaneous, noninfectious alopecia in Norwegian puffin dogs (lundehunds)

Bergvall, Kerstin; Shokrai, Arman


Background – dogs.A noninfectious, spontaneous, multifocal alopecia has been recognized in Norwegian puffin Hypothesis/Objectives – features and follow-up information for alopecic Norwegian puffin dogs from Sweden.This study aimed to report demographic information, history, clinical signs, histopathological Material and methods – diagnosed with alopecia and biopsied were allocated to Group A. Dogs reported with alopecia for which histopathology was not available were allocated to Group B.A questionnaire was sent out to all members of the breed association. Dogs clinically Results – (60% of the breed population) was collected via questionnaire, and alopecia without histopathology was reported in another five dogs (Group B). Gender distribution was equal. Median age of onset was 1.5 years (range 8 months to 7 years). Multifocal or serpiginous alopecia, follicular plugging, dry skin, slight scaling and pruritus were characteristic. Extensive, widespread alopecia was not seen, and lesions were recorded only in haired skin. A lymphoplasmacytic, mural, isthmus folliculitis/perifolliculitis with follicular and perifollicular mucin was observed. Inflammation did not involve the hair bulb; atrophy was sometimes present. The inflammation sometimes extended to sebaceous glands, resulting in atrophy and absence of glands. Follow-up ranged from 6 months to 12 years (mean 3.2 years). Spontaneous remission was rare. Estrus was associated with worsening of the disease or relapse. Oral prednisolone reduced pruritus but was not effective in resolving clinical lesions. All dogs treated with ciclosporin went into remission.Group A included 14 dogs (11.7% of the breed population in Sweden). Information regarding 72 dogs Conclusions and clinical importance – Norwegian puffin dogs.This is the first report of mural, mucinotic, isthmus folliculitis alopecia in

Published in

Veterinary Dermatology
2014, Volume: 25, number: 2, pages: 112-121

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    Clinical Science

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