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Research article2002Peer reviewed

An integrated system for management and policy analysis - Theoretical results for forestry and reindeer husbandry in Sweden

Parks, Peter J.; Kriström, Bengt; Bostedt, Kjell Göran


This paper develops an analytical framework to simulate management- and policy-driven environmental changes in Swedish mountain environments. The framework is based on a dynamic model that includes economic connections between timber and reindeer. Economic benefits are obtained in the timber sector and the reindeer sector, by harvesting forest and reindeer stocks and selling the harvests in markets. Unharvested forest and reindeer stocks provide benefits outside of markets. Reindeer stocks provide benefits by supporting the reindeer husbandry lifestyle for members of the indigenous Saami population. The paper analyzes decisions made by a hypothetical planner of a geographical area corresponding to a Swedish sameby (Saami village). Decision outcomes are measured using the present value of net benefits measured in economic terms, and are obtained both inside and outside of economic markets. The final section gives examples of management and policy decisions that might be simulated for Swedish mountain environments, such as market-based policies to increase the economic welfare derived from private timber and reindeer harvests.


externalities; forestry; reindeer husbandry; Saami; Sweden; welfare economics

Published in

Environmental and Resource Economics
2002, Volume: 21, number: 3, pages: 203-220
Publisher: SPRINGER