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Research article2014Peer reviewed

Impacts of policy measures on the development of state-owned forests in northeast China: theoretical results and empirical evidence

Jiang, Xuemei; Gong, Peichen; Xu, Jintao; Bostedt, Kjell Göran


State-owned forest enterprises (SOFEs) in northeast China play important roles both in timber production and in the maintenance of ecological security. This paper examines the effects of a number of policy measures on the behavioral choices of the SOFEs. The results show that the extent to which SOFE supervising authorities emphasized the improvement of forest resources in their annual evaluation of the SOFEs had significant impacts on the harvest and investment decisions and the development of forest resources. Promotion of the management and utilization of non-timber resources, as well as reforms aiming to increase the efficiency of forest protection and management, reduced timber harvests and increased investment, which in turn led to improvements of forest resources, although the effects were small. In contrast, reforms aimed at timber harvest and afforestation activities actually contributed to increasing timber harvest, which affected the development of the forest resources negatively.

Published in

Environment and Development Economics
2014, Volume: 19, number: 1, pages: 74-91